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ReGo Trading sells wholesale Wisk laundry detergent at great low price.


It is no ordinary laundry detergent simply telling you it cleans. Rather, it is a brand with a mission and wants to tell you why it cleans. The mission is to help America live life to the fullest by encouraging people to embrace dirt and all the fun and enjoyment that comes from getting dirty. Missing out on dirt means missing out on life and the experiences it has to offer. In fact, it believes that a "stain free life is a life half lived". So "Go Ahead. Get Dirty". And don't worry about the cleaning part. It makes sure the dirt and stains go away. And only the experience stays.

Stain Dissolving Power
Dazzling Whites and Colors
High Efficiency (HE)
Morning Breeze
Free Clear


Launched in 1956 as the first liquid laundry detergent, It grew into a well-known and respected brand by focussing on stain removal and cleaning credentials. The "Go Ahead. Get Dirty." rallying cry, grounded in the belief that dirt is good, not only speaks to a lifestyle truth, but importantly gives context to the role of a laundry detergent in the consumer's life.

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