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Wholesale Paper Products

Top Brand Wholesale Paper Products from ReGo Trading. Please give us a Call at 732-603-ReGo or Click on the link to send us an email to get a quick response of a price of the products you are interested in Price List

A Sales Rep is standing by to assist you with your Paper Products questions.

Item# Description Size Pack
6-18026-24230 Eliat Facial Tissues 230ct 24pk
6-36000-19118 Viva Paper Towels 50ct 30pk
6-37000-0 Bounty Select a Size Regular Roll 15 1
6-37000-40733 Bounty Designer Big Roll 24 1
6-37000-40734 Bounty Microwave Cooling BR 24 1
6-37000-40737 Bounty Fun Print Big Roll 24 1
6-37000-40753 Bounty Paper Towels 24 1
6-37000-46819 Charmin 24 4Pk
6-37000-62262 Puffs Aloa Plus Family 144 24
6-43032-00510 Marcel Maxi Bundles 150 12
6-43032-02209 Marcel Tissues White 24pc 4Pk
6-43032-03887 Marcel Softpac Tissues White 24pc 4Pk
6-43032-05902 Marcel Big Roll Bundle 48pt 12Pk
6-54000-42320 Scott 20 Roll Bundle 1000ct
6-54659-20018 Paper Napkins Big T
6-89793-00202 Premium Tough Towels 2ply 60' 30pk

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