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ReGo Trading carries Suavitel in a variety of sizes:
16.9 oz.(500 ml)
33.8 oz.(1 liter)
64 oz.(1.9 liter)
169 oz.(5 liters) Also available in Dryer Sheets 20, 40, and 80 count boxes.

We have all of the fragrances: Field Flower, Morning Sun, Fresh Dew, Festival of Flowers, Dark Colors and Baby Powder Fresh

What is the difference between Fabric Conditioner and Fabric Softener?

Suavitel is a fabric softener but it does much more than just soften. Suavitel freshens clothes and makes them easier to iron. Therefore, it seems more accurate to call Suavitel a fabric conditioner which better describes the benefits it offers to you and your family.

Can we use liquid and sheets in the same load?

Absolutely! For the ultimate freshness from washer to dryer use Suavitel liquid in the wash and sheets in the dryer. Your family will notice that extra touch.

Order Suavitel Now!!

Give ReGo Trading a call at 732-603-7346 to get your order for all Suavitel products.

Suavitel Dryer Sheets Suavitel Regular Liquid Fabric Conditioner Suavitel Ultra Liquid Fabric Conditioner

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