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Static Guard

ReGo Trading has wholesale Static Guard at great low price.

Static Guard

How Does it Work?

It's been the subject of science projects, dissertations and discussions around the office water cooler: How does it actually work? It's simple science: It eliminates electrical charges from accumulating on things such as fabric, carpet, bedding and even your hairbrush. It does this mainly by neutralizing the charges on fabric surfaces. It also works by attracting humidity from the air, thus increasing the electrical conductivity of the fabric. Raise humidity and you lower the imbalance of positive and negative charges, and the occurrence of cling or shock.

In 1978, Alberto-Culver, patented an anti-static spray for use by consumers. Their formula, like many lotions, moisturizers and hair conditioners, contains a neutralizing agent and humidity-attracting (hygroscopic) substances. The spray has been a great accessory ever since.

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