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Pampers Diapers

Did you know that Pampers Diapers were invented by Victor Mills who was an American chemical engineer, while he was working for the Procter & Gamble Co.

Check out this Video on the History of Pampers.

This invention revolutionized child care. And did you know he began work on that product in the 1950s, using his grandchildren as test subjects? Because he was looking for an easier way to diaper his grandson, his result was Pampers.

By the time the 60's were rolling along you could find them in drug stores, department stores and supermarkets.

Did you know the original Pampers used a pin? But in the 1970's they replaced it with tape. That made parents happy that they wouldn't be getting stuck with a pin everytime they changed a diaper.

The cushion quilted lining and value pack were introduced in the 1980's. The hourglass shape had evolved into the industry standard and was changed by Pampers in 1984.

In the 90's we saw the introduction of specific gender diapers in Pampers and also the return to unisex diapers at the end of the decade. In 1993 Pampers first tried training pants that were simply known as Pampers Trainers and would be a short lived product. Pampers would not try doing training pants again until they came out of Easy Ups.

Today Pampers have Premium and Baby-Dry diapers that have a protective layer of lotion that helps keep little bottoms soft and smooth.

Pampers baby Dry Pampers Cruisers Pampers Swaddlers

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