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ReGo Trading is a leading Wholesale Distributor of Office Supplies, Health and Beauty Aids, Household Products and Baby Care.

If you are in charge of purchasing Pantry Supplies for the Office then this is your place to shop. With our courteous and helpful support staff waiting to help you with your purchase, they can get you the cheapest and quickest delivery option available. ReGo Trading is always looking to make your purchase experiance a good one.

We have the best prices on paper products like Bounty and Viva paper towels and Marcal tissues. We carry paper plates and plastic forks and knives. Also foam and plastic cups. If you are looking for trash bags we carry those, in wastebasket and kitchen size.

We have Poland Spring Bottled Water which is great to have in the Office kitchen.

So if you are always looking for a better way to get your supplies for the office, wether it's for a better price or a low cost delivery give ReGo Trading a call or send an email asking for a Price List of all the products we carry.

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