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Nestle NIPS

For people who need a break from life's little irritations, Nestle NIPS is the rich and creamy hard candy that provides a soothing diversion. Each NIPS candy has its own distinct and truly satisfying flavor. This hard candy is known for its smooth, creamy texture and bite-size eat with an unmistakable hint or "nip" of flavor – hence the name "NIPS".

NIPS were introduced more than 70 years ago and known as Pearson NIPS since the early 1920's. Nestlé purchased NIPS in 1989. The "Pearson" name was dropped in Fall 2000. NIPS are different from most other hard sugar candies because NIPS are a milk-based hard caramel. The dairy ingredients make NIPS' texture exceptionally smooth and creamy.

NIPS candy comes in two forms; solid candies and soft centered candies known as parfaits.

ReGo Trading carries Nestle NIPS

Give us a call to get pricing on Nestle NIPS candy.

We carry 7 assorted flavors in 5.5oz per unit. A 12 pack case
Butter Rum
Chocolate Parfait
Dulce de Leche
Peanut Butter Parfait

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