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ReGo Trading carries wholesale Marcal paper products. Like Paper Towels and Napkins.

Marcal Paper Towels

They produce a full line of quality Paper Towel, Paper Napkins, Facial Tissue and Bathroom Tissue products for use in your home as well as products for use in settings away from home. Whatever the product, they have built its reputation on delivering quality products at affordable prices, providing consumers with the greatest values.

About the Company

Recycling is a deep part of our corporate heritage.
By producing paper products from recyclable paper, manufacturing technology results in the economical production of high quality products with a minimal impact on the environment.
They utilize a significant amount of recyclable paper from the heavily populated northeastern part of the USA where waste disposal has become a crisis. We work with hundreds of communities to recycle their municipal, school, and business generated paper into quality tissue and other products.
Consumers benefit from our products because they offer exceptional value and quality. Plus, when consumers purchase products made from their recyclables, they support the future of recycling.
They provide employment for more than 980 people at its Elmwood Park, New Jersey and Chicago, Illinois facilities.
Today, they are a totally integrated manufacturer and marketer of consumer and away-from-home tissue products.

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