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Love My Carpet

ReGo Trading Carries Love My Carpet deodorizer at a great wholesale price.

It has powerful baking soda to fight odors combined with pleasing scents to restore your home’s clean, fresh feeling.
It is safe for all carpets and rugs, vacuums up easily and is safe to use around pets.
It has baking soda to eliminate assorted odors including cooking, pet, smoke and damp musty odors.

Love My Carpet - Blossom Love My Carpet - Mulberry Love My Carpet - Pet Love My Carpet - Summers Kiss Love My Carpet - Sun Shower

Cat litter boxes- Sprinkle it in your cat’s litter box to eliminate pet odors.
Diaper pails- If you have a baby you need it in your diaper pail to handle tough diaper odors.
Car Interiors- It works to keep a refreshing scent in your car, works on automotive carpeting and fabric upholstery in cars.
Garbage pails- Nobody needs to remind you how awful your garbage can smells, use it on a daily basis to eliminate these odors and keep your entire kitchen smelling fresh and clean.
Upholstery- Sprinkle it on your favorite chairs and sofa for freshening whenever needed.
Kitchen Sink and Drains- A little sprinkled in you kitchen drain will freshen your drain and disposal.

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