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Wholesale Irish Spring Soap

ReGo Trading has super wholesale prices on Irish Spring Soap.

Give us a call now and order by the pallet or truckload

Irish Spring Irish Spring Soap

There are 6 variants of Irish Spring. Take a look at the different types that ReGo Trading carries

• Irish Spring Original - great invigorating scent helps keep you feeling clean and fresh.
• Irish Spring Sport - offers long-lasting deodorant protection and leaves you feeling clean and fresh.
• Irish Spring - It is designed to help leave skin feeling healthy — not tight and dry.
• Irish Spring MoistureBlast - the unique bar formulation leave you with a terrific clean without that dry skin feel.
• Irish Spring Icy Blast - Its crisp scent provides cool refreshment and leaves you feeling clean and fresh.
• Irish Spring MicroClean - It refreshes and leaves your skin feeling smooth, clean and healthy.

Irish Spring

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