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Febreze can do even more for you. Try Antimicrobial, Allergen Reducer and Auto to target specific problems in your home or car, while leaving your fabrics with a light, fresh scent.


How It Works

Fabric Refresher is great at taking care of persistent odors found in fabrics.
Simply spray Fabric Refresher evenly on the fabric until it becomes slightly damp. Molecules will penetrate into the fabric and eliminate odors.
As it dries the odor is cleaned away and a fresh scent is left in its place.
Use it from bedroom to basement on fabrics like car interiors, curtains, couches and carpets.

When you smell a problem in your home, the solution is Air Effects Simply hold down the trigger and spray the air in a sweeping motion throughout the entire room. It will eliminate the odors in the air and leave the room feeling delightfully fresh feeling.
Use it in the bathroom, in the kitchen or wherever else you detect unwanted odors.

Over time you can get used to just one scent, but with NOTICEables you can give your home long lasting freshness. Simply plug it into the wall and adjust to your preferred level of intensity. A soft green light will indicate which scent is working as it automatically alternates between two complementary scents throughout the day to continuously refresh your senses.
Use it in those rooms where you spend the most time, such as your kitchen, bedroom and living room.

Be sure to place a FebrezeĀ® Candle on a stationary, heat-resistant surface.
Then light the candle. Watch as the wax melts, revealing an advanced core that works to get rid of odors while filling the air with fresh scent.
Each Febreze Candle comes with up to 30 hours of burn time.

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