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FDS Products

ReGo Trading has FDS products like the New Intimate Lubricants and Feminine sprays.

Intimate Lubricants

Designed especially for women. They come in a discreet, convenient pump dispenser. It's clear, non-messy, and fragrance free; available in both warming and regular formulas.

Our Intimate Lubricant is clear, non-messy, and fragrance free. Available in both regular and warming formulas.
Feminine: Vaginal dryness can affect all women. Biological and hormonal changes at different life stages, especially after childbirth and menopause, as well as various medications, including antihistamines and birth control pills, impact the body’s ability to create adequate lubrication. Because it is rarely discussed, it becomes a very confusing and emotional experience. Many women blame themselves and intimate relationships suffer as a result.
Don't let changes in hormones affect your love live. This unique formula offers women a consistent and effective solution with each use and allows women to feel natural, lubricated and confident about themselves and their relationships.
Discreet: Designed for Women It is a feminine designed, discreet lubricant with a non-messy, convenient pump. It was created specifically for a woman’s wants and needs: the feeling is natural, it’s easy to use and the packaging is pristine.

FDS Intimate Lubricants FDS Intimate Lubricants

Feminine Spray

Trusted. Proven. Talc-Free. Hypoallergenic. The Sprays are gentle, softly scented feminine deodorant sprays that absorb moisture and neutralize odor.

Baby Powder, soft delicate freshness that lasts all day
Delicate Breeze, light as a meadow breeze for all day freshness
Extra Strength, extra protection for added assurance
Sheer Freshness, light, clean freshness that lasts all day
Shower Fresh, extend that clean, just showered feeling all day long
White Blossom, light, natural freshness that lasts all day
FDS Feminine Spray FDS Feminine Spray

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