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Dalan Soap

ReGo Trading carries Dalan soap products at great wholesale prices.

Dalan Soaps

About the company

The foundations were set in 1941 in a workshop in the Namazgah sector of Izmir, with the production of the brand traditional 100% pure olive oil soap. The family transformed this workshop in 1976 to Kimya Endustri A.S.. In 1981 they started modern soap and glycerine production in its new Pinarbasi facilities in Izmir and in 2006 started cosmetics production.
Its product range are both personal care products such as bar and liquid soaps, shower gels, body lotions, hand creams, shaving creams and shampoo, and also industrial products such as glycerine, soap noodles and granulated soap.
They market the products under 7 different registered brands which also include, Diana, Nancy, Cindy, Alara, Adalya and Roxy.
Kimya products have succeeded reaching 132 countries in 5 continents by the year 2007. They have a 20% share in Türkish bar soap exports and by its volume, it is among the top 5 exporting firms in the sub-sector of soap and other cleaning products.
In the swift competition of globalizing world markets, they adopt the principle of serving consumers with new and different products. Kimya is open to technology and innovation and follows world trends very closely. Its innovative and high quality products are produced utilising the latest technologies, with a hygienic and environment-friendly approach and aim to satisfy the consumer in every way. They believe that above all comes customer satisfaction and in 2003 they received its ISO-9001:2000 Quality Management System Certificate (the certificate which shows these standards are implemented as a method of management) and documented its assertive activities.

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