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Wholesale Bounty Paper Towels

ReGo Trading has a Great Deal on Wholesale Bounty Paper Towels Select-A-Size.

Each Bundle comes with 15 Regular Rolls. 65.7m(708.1 Sq Ft.). 103 Two-Ply sheets per Roll). 27.9cm x 15.2cm(11" x 6"). Comes in White and Print. Not breakable.
Call to order your Pallet or Truck load.

Call ReGo Trading Now!! 732-603-7346

Bounty Paper Towels Select a Size

Cleanup your Kitchen.
Take one sheet and see how much you can clean up in the kitchen with these tips.

Clean your Stove.
Last night's dinner still a mess? One sheet keeps working on stubborn stovetop stains.

Microwave Meltdown.
Have a mess in the microwave? One sheet will help you clean those splatters.

Pour on the Floor.
If a spill has left your tile vile, don't worry. Absorbent Bounty leaves your floor free of liquid debris.

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