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Bounce Fabric Softener

ReGo Trading has great wholesale deals on Bounce Fabric Softener dryer sheets.

Bounce Fabric Softener Bounce with Fabreeze

All the softening and static-cling protection with no perfumes or dyes.
Fresh Linen Scent
This is the lightest scent in the family. It gives your clothes the gentle and clean smell of freshly laundered linens. Use this with Cheer Fresh Linen Scent to get the same great scent from beginning to end!
Outdoor Fresh Scent
You can bring the outdoors in, and get the classic freshness of line-dried fabrics. Its patented time-release technology gives it long-lasting freshness that lasts for days.
Spring Awakening
This scent awakens and invigorates your senses with the fresh, uplifting experience of the great outdoors in the springtime.

What's new?

Lint & Freshness Roller Outdoor Fresh Scent
Combine the fresh scent of a Bounce dryer sheet with the pick-up power of a lint roller and you have the Lint & Freshness Roller.
With each roll, scented microdots infuse fabrics with laundry freshness, while the tape removes lint and pet hair. The protective cover makes it easy to store in your drawer, purse, office and car.

For best results, hold the lint roller firmly in your hand and roll over affected area until all fibers are removed. Peel off the topmost adhesive layer and dispose of thoughtfully.

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